• lbcthumb

    Laurie Baker Centre – Dormitory Design

    Special Mention – NASA LBC Design Build Competition, January 2013

  • thumbgp

    Greenpeace India Office Design

    Office Design Academic Project
    III year – 2014

  • Anganwadi Thumb

    The Anganwadi Project

    Khizrabad Settlement, Delhi
    III Year – 2013

  • anganwadicase_thumb

    Anganwadi Case Studies

    Druk White Lotus School, Leh
    Bholu 11, Ramapir Slum, Ahmedabad

  • artornot

    Art in Rationalism

    Reconsidering questions like what is art, who defines it and if application of reason and logic […]

  • gridshells thumb

    Gridshell Structures

    Case Study of the Mannheim Multihalle, Germany – Theory of Structures, III year.

  • foliosthumb

    SPA Folios

    Venture / Online Portfolio Creation Service

  • nasaweb_thumb

    Volunteering, Freelance & Ventures

    Freelance Graphic Design