SPA Delhi Student Portfolios

Super web portfolios
at the click of a button

For us folks at SPA Delhi

Your Own Webspace

Get your own URL address to share
on and off the web. Free for you!


Uncluttered. Minimalist.

A grid based single-page layout
focusing on one thing only – your work.

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A Complete Online Identity.

Upload your résumé, link your LinkedIn
and use a custom logo to suit your style.

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Get your work together.

There’s only so much physical space available,
but don’t let your work go undocumented.

Add Unlimited Projects

Adding a project just takes
a title, description and 10 images,
automatically resized.

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Your Content is Secure

Weekly system-wide backups
ensure easy content recovery
in case of an emergency.

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and more!

For the many talents of SPA Creatives.
Even if your work extends beyond the studio,
it has a place here!

Filter by Discipline

Add multiple ‘Skill Types’ as
project categories to allow visitors
to filter projects.

How? →

Integrate your Media

Embed content from services like
Vimeo, YouTube, SoundCloud, Flickr,
or SlideShare – everything works.

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SPA Folio is an initiative by the students of
School of Planning and Architecture.